Custom Papers

Do you want custom 12" x 12" papers made?

Whether you are creating layouts for scrapbooking or need pages for a group, we have you covered! We use 100lb 100 brightness paper for our pages. You'll be thrilled with the quality of our product.

You have several options for creating your custom card stock.

First, use a template.

Simply pick a template design to add your logo colors to. We have many designs for schools and sports to choose from.

Second, provide your own design.

Do you love creating your own designs on the computer? All we need is a high resolution image and we can turn your design into card stock! Files we accept are .jpeg, .png, .ai, and .eps. Your file needs to have a resolution of 600 pixels at the minimum for a good print.

Third, hire us to create something custom.

We are available for design work. We charge $25/hour and estimate basic designs will take one hour. Please make sure you know what you want because revisions are your responsibility as well.

Minimum purchase.

Each design is a minimum order of 25 pages. Don't think you'll use 25 pages? Gather some friends together or talk with people in your organization.

Cost per page.

We charge $2.00 per page for custom orders. We do have quantity discounts starting at 50 pages per design ordered. Do you run a craft store? Contact us for wholesale prices!

 Number of Pages Cost per page
25-49 $2.00
50-74 $1.90
75-99 $1.80




Get started

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Here are some examples of custom card stock template designs ready for your colors and logos. If you don't want part of a design, we can remove elements without extra charge. Want a slogan added? We can do that, too.