Guest Design Team Call!

We've been making lots of changes here at SumMore Fun. Right now, we're looking for ladies who are willing to help us show off our new releases. We're not looking for a huge commitment every month. If you see a set that you really like, let us know you want to play with it!

Here are the details:

We will send an email to our guest design team friends newsletter list which you can sign up for below. The email will show you the upcoming new release and all the pertinent details. If you are interested email us back and let us know!

We will pick five crafters to receive two sets of the cardmaker's pack which will typically include the stamp set, 12 6x6 papers and a sticker pack.The second pack will be for you to give away. You will be responsible for shipping charges to your winner.

We will pick several more to offer a digital pack. You'll get the digital stamp and paper files for you to print out at home.

Everyone who participates as a GDT will get an individualized code for their visitors. Any visitor. Any time. 10% off SumMore Fun. No limits. We also have an affiliate program if you want to earn a little extra cash. Feel free to sign up for that! If you want to place an order, you get 20% off stamps!

We need 2 posts from you:

The first will be a sneak peak card posted the week before the stamp set is officially released. Have a picture of the card, but do not post a picture of the full stamp set. Please include the release date and a link to SumMore Fun.

If you are one of the people picked to receive the free kit to give away, please start your giveaway on that day. It will be like a mystery giveaway. "You'll get the stamp set, sticker pack and 12 6"x6" papers if you win!"

The second will be another project made from the materials with a picture of the card posted on release day. This will include pictures of the card you made as well as the full stamp set. Please include a link to the stamp set's purchase page.

If you are one of the people picked to receive the free kit to give away, please pick your winner in this post.

Social Media:

We also need you to post in social media. We aren't going to tell you which you need to do or where, but we need you to tag us when you post on social media. The official tag for a new design is #summorefunnewdesign. Our Facebook page is Please use @summorefun in any posts with our images on Facebook if the page you're posting to allows it.

On Instagram, please use the hashtag #summorefunnewdesign and @summorefunstamps.

Things to keep in mind:

Our picking method will consist of looking at your social media following. We'll look at Instagram, Facebook and your blog. We need people who are active and engaging to their followers so as many people as possible see the new design we are offering.

International crafters:

We would love to have you! Because international shipping is as high as it is, we can only send digital packs to you.