Digital Stamp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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If you haven't tried digital stamps, it might seem confusing. Here's several frequently asked questions.

How do I use digital stamps?

Digital stamps are images that you can print at home. You can open the image on your computer and simply print out as is. When it’s printed out, you can use your favorite coloring medium to create your project. You can fussy cut the image, use a die press or a scan-n-cut device to add the image to your project.

If you know your way around a computer, you can get an image editing software and change the size of the image before you print it out. You can flip the images to look the opposite way. You can add more than one picture to a single file and create a layered look to print out. You can also color the stamp on the computer and print it out on a color printer. There are endless possibilities!

What kind of printer do I need?

There are two main types of printers available to the regular consumer. Injets are a lower upfront cost, but the ink can get expensive. Laser printers are a higher upfront cost, but the price per page is lower for printing.

Injets are a water based ink that soaks into the paper. You can buy an inkjet printer at Walmart or on Amazon for around $30.00 in the US. You buy ink jet cartridges to refill when you run out of ink. The cartridges run out of ink quickly so you have to replace them often. Also, if the heads dry out, you have to waste a lot of ink to clean the heads.


  • Low machine cost
  • Simple


  • The water-based ink will smear if you use a water-based coloring medium.
  • Price per page is higher
  • Printer heads clog

Laser printers are a powder that is melted onto the surface of the paper. Because it doesn't soak into the fibers, the lines won't seep and stay sharper. Laser printers start over $100 each. The cartridges to refill are also quite expensive. However, each cartridge lasts much longer than ink so you don't replaces them as often.


  • Ink does not smear when you use a water-based coloring medium.
  • Low price-per-page
  • Sharper images


  • High upfront investment

If you're in the market for a printer to try for digital stamps, there is nothing wrong with trying out an inkjet printer first. If you're wanting sharper lines and can afford the upfront investment, a laser printer is the way to go.

How do I get my stamps?

When you purchase a digital stamp, you have two options for downloading the stamp set(s). There is a link on the purchase confirmation page which will start your download. You will also receive an email with a link to download your digital stamp set.

What files are included in the sets?

You will received a .zip folder that contains two folders. One will be line only files. The other is white filled images. The line only files have a transparent background. This folder will contain the sentiments as well as all of the images. The white filled images folder will have all of the images filled in the middle with white, but a transparent background.

Why would I want the white filled images?

Using a graphics program, you can move images so they overlap each other similar to overlapping separate pieces of paper. This gives your project depth and opens up a multitude of different projects using the same images.

Do you know of any tutorials that teach how to use digital stamps?

Terri of Waving My Wand used our Tangeled Tinsel set to create an amazing project.