Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is shipping figured?

A: Shipping is a flat rate of $5 until your subtotal reaches $75 when it is free.

International orders are a billed at a flat rate of $20.00. When we know actual shipping, we will refund the difference.

Q: How long until you mail my order?

A: There are several factors that affect our order turn around time. The short answer is we typically mail orders the business day after you place it. Sometimes we can mail the same day as you order! 

Factors that may affect how long it takes your order to ship include what day of the week you order, how many stamps are in your order, how many stamps are red rubber stamps, how many orders we received around your order, and general life.

The day of the week factors in because if you order after 1PM on Friday, we won't process your orders until Monday. The weekend is our highest order volume time so sometimes we need an extra day to get your order made.

The number of stamps in your order typically doesn't have a big impact on the time it takes to mail your order unless is has several red rubber stamps in the order. We freshly bake the stamps which takes time. If you want them mounted, the time is increased. We work as fast as we can while still focusing on making a good stamp.

General life sometimes throws a wrench into the works. For example, in October of 2019, a car accident combined with the flu brought our shop to a stand still for a few days.

At the end of the day, our goal and priority is to send out all orders as soon as possible.

Q: Why doesn't my unmounted red rubber stamp stick to my stamping platform?

A: The unmounted stamps are not inherently adhesive to any surfaces. The most common  method crafters use to adhere red rubber to acrylic blocks or stamping platforms is using EZ Mount Cushion. One side has a strong adhesive. The other size is smooth and is what sticks to the blocks.

Q: Why does the clear stamp stick to the paper on my stamping platform? It doesn't do that with my other stamps.

A: If you purchased photopolymer stamps, they will be sticky on all sides at first. It's the nature of the product. They need to be cured like you would do to quality stoneware. Curing the stamps is as easy as inking them up and using them. If your other stamps sets are made from other materials, they might not stick, but that also means they might not last as long. The other possibilities for those stamps not being sticky are being exposed to extreme temperatures, they are very old or they have not been cared for properly.

The real problem is the paper moving on the platform which we can relate to. Some pro tips from our design team:

  • Use the magnets. You can always buy extra magnets from the stamping platform company's website or even pick some up at a local hardware store. (Just make sure to buy super slim ones so they don't hit the platform lid.)
  • Make sure your paper is in the corner snugly. If the stamp grabs the paper, all you have to do is tuck it back in the corner and the stamp will still be exact.
  • Have a sturdy piece of cardstock that is a dedicated base and use washi tape or other low tack tape to adhere the paper piece you are stamping to the base paper.
  • Check your inks. StazOn and Memento are notorious for stick issues, pigment ink still has some stick, and dye ink along with hybrids being last and least likely to stick.