Fundraiser Set

 In April of 2018, Sabrina's mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. Barbara and Sabrina spent 6 months driving 50 miles to chemotherapy every three weeks. They met other cancer patients along the way. Some were flying through treatments without serious side effects. Others lost parts of their bodies. The need for encouragement is great regardless of the severity of side-effects.

In the end, cancer is exhausting no matter who you are.





Cancer is no respecter of persons. From tiny babies to young adults to grand parents, everyone has the chance of developing cancer at some point.

Thanks to modern medicine, Barbara is in remission. Through the process of helping her mother-in-law, Sabrina realized she didn't have any stamp sets in her catalog that focused on encouraging others through the trials of life. You Can was born from that need. As we created this set, we considered how much good the cancer centers do for the patients.


 Our cancer center in Grand Island, St. Francis Cancer Treatment Center, serves a large part of rural Nebraska. Some patients travel hours both ways to make their treatments. In rural communities, it can be difficult to get access to the latest treatments in medicine. This center is a blessing to those who live too far away from a large city for medicine.

The St. Francis Cancer Treatment Center does more than just bring a cold, sterile environment. This center brings love and compassion when people are at their most vulnerable.

For six months, Barbara was greeted with a big smile by the receptionists at every visit. Volunteers greeted her in the waiting room every time and made sure she was comfortable. Puzzles sit in the waiting room for anyone to put together as he or she waits. There are free snacks and drinks in the waiting room and in the chemotherapy room. In the waiting room to get the weekly blood draws, there is a tree hat that anyone can pick from at any time. No justifying need. No money needed. Every patient is acknowledged as a human being. No one is a number.

St. Francis is part of the CHI system of medical centers. They have a charitable foundation established to assist patients in need. We decided that we would donate a portion of each sale to them. We priced You Can at $15.99 and 50% of the profit from each set is donated to the CHI Foundation.

The CHI Foundation fills many needs. Some of the donations purchase equipment for the cancer center. Some of the funds assist patients with buying needed supplies such as medication, wigs, prosthesis, specialized clothing, and more.

We'll keep a monthly running total of the donations made on this page!