Subscription Successful

You are subscribed to our stamp rental program!

The next step is to add at least 12 Raisin Boat stamp sets to your wishlist.

You need to have an account on this website to create a wishlist. It's because we need to be able to know who's list it is. It's easy to log in or create an account. At the top of you're screen, you'll see "Log in or Create Account".

If you click on that now, you'll lose this page, but don't worry. We've emailed these instructions to you! Just check your inbox.

The next step is to add sets to your wishlist. You can see the stamp sets for rent here.

The page will look like this:


When you see a set that you want to rent, click on the set's picture to go to the product page. which looks like this:

See the red oval? Click on the heart to add that set to your wish list.

To see more sets, click on the "Raisin Boat" bread crumb to see all the sets again.

If you want to see which sets you've already added to your wishlist, simply click on "My Wishlist".

You can see all your sets on the wishlist page. They will look like this:

To remove a set from your wishlist, just click on the red heart and the set will be removed.

Questions? We'd love to hear from you!