Digital Stamp Set: Canines in Costume (10252-Z)
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Digital Stamp Set: Canines in Costume (10252-Z)

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This is a digital stamp set. That means you will not receive a physical stamp set in the mail. You will receive an email with instructions on how to download the images to print on your computer at home.

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There are 4 images and 12 sentiments in this set.


It's Halloween?, Hot dog!, Party animal, (trick) or treat, treat!, Beg!, 9 lives, and still not livin' it up!, What a dumb bunny!, Really?!, Oh, boy..., Happy hallo-weenie!, What a party pooper. Literally., Isn't being a dog bad enough?!

(There are more than one stamp sets featured on one or more of the examples.)

In the digital files, there are two folders. Line only contains all of the images and sentiments with a transparent background. They are perfect for printing out and coloring. The White background folder contains the fish images with white backgrounds. That makes it easier to layer the images before printing.

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