Gals on College Avenue (10083-Z)
Raisin Boat

Gals on College Avenue (10083-Z)

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This is a 4" x 6" clear photo polymer stamp set. There are 18 images in this set.


Birthday 101: Eat. Party. Enjoy., Back to school, The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book., A+, From the bottom of my, Now boarding: Paradise!, First Class, Thanks, You've got class!, You make a difference, Teacher of the year, have a nice trip, Places to go, People to see, Follow your, Life lesson

(There are more than one stamp sets featured on one or more of the examples.)

How to use

1. Peel stamp from backing sheet carefully to avoid tearing.
2. Place stamp on clear, acrylic block (sold separately). Stamp will cling naturally.
3. To stamp multiple images at once, position several designs on the same block before inking.
4. Visit our online Idea Gallery for inspiration at

How to care for
1. Clean stamp on a damp cloth. To restore clingability, wash in water with mild liquid soap and air dry.*
2. Store stamps on backing sheet, out of direct light and extreme hot or cold temperatures.

*It’s normal for stamps to stain from dark colors or permanent inks. This will not effect stampability - it just means they’re well loved!

Do not use acetone, bleach or oil-based cleaners.

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