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Misc Christmas Stamps

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Who's ready for a grab bag style?

It's getting close to the end of the year and we have to inventory soon.  We have many Christmas stamps that are made and cling mounted, but not packaged or in the inventory system.

Can you help us out? If we can find loving homes for these darling designs before the end of the year, we'll save a lot of work and effort. In exchange for you making room in your heart (and craft room), we're slashing the prices.

There are 5 sizes of stamps you can pick: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. We can't guarantee the design on the stamp, only the size. We won't send you duplicates of a design if you order more than one of a size. We have plenty so don't worry about us running out.

Average retail prices for cling mounted per size: XS: $3.00, S: $4.00, M: $6.00, L: 8.00, XL: 12.00

Images shown are for example purposes only. There are no guarantees which stamps will be available when you order. The images have been modified so you can read the text easily.

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