Pound o' Rubber
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Pound o' Rubber

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We will take random stamps and keep piling them up until the scale says 1 lb!  There is always a variety of stamp sizes and designs. There will be a mix of sentiments and images. The themes will range from whimsical to detailed and it will have a delightful mix of holidays. You never know what you're going to get!

The average value of the pound o' rubber is well over $100. You might be wondering why we would sell it for so little. When we are making stamps, some of the images come on large plates that hold 20+ different designs. When we make an order for a particular stamp, many times, the neighboring designs fill with rubber, too. We call those over-molds. The stamps are perfectly fine, but we don't have an order for them. They sit, sad and alone, wishing someone would love them, too.

You get a double benefit when you order the pound o' rubber. First, you get a huge, lovely variety of stamps for a fraction of the cost. Your pocketbook and significant other will thank you. Second, you get the warm-fuzzy feeling knowing that you are giving a loving home to fun stamps that just want someone to claim them. Win-win!

(The stamps pictured may or may not be in the pound o' rubber. We can try to accommodate requests, but the pound is dictated by what stamps we have in the over-molds box at the time.)

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